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Posted on 06/29/2017 in Beauty

Four Men’s Beauty Tips Every Guy Needs To Know

Four Men’s Beauty Tips Every Guy Needs To Know

Sometimes guys are really shy to ask about some beauty tips, that’s why we asked the specialist at the best barber shop New York City to provide us with simple pieces of advice for men who are shy to ask about how they can look handsome.

#1 Safe shave

Some men are really brutal and skip pre and post shaving products, and it is a really big mistake. Without a shaving cream and a post-shaving cream, your skin becomes coarse and struggles from a razor irritation. You should totally use skin care products to make your facial soft and supple; just make sure they don’t contain alcohol (it provokes an over dryness and skin irritation as well). 


#2 Rough skin

Even if you work in the office and don’t do any hard job, your hands can struggle from over dryness and become rough. You can solve this problem in a very simple way - just moisturize your hands with a daily cream in the morning and in the evening. If it is a winter and the weather is cold, apply a cream 4-5 times per day -it will be enough to make your skin really soft.

#3 Minimize pimples and acne

Your facial skin is an indicator of your inner health. Acne and pimples are just results of inconsistent nutrition. You can resolve pimples problem with avoiding sweet in your daily ration. Acne is a result of eating harmful products such as chips, fast food, etc. Eat more fresh veggies and fruit to make your skin look clean and supple. Furthermore, you should add more green leafy plants in your nutrition to clean your body from the inside. Due to the high amount of cellulose, green plants remove all the toxins through your bowels.

#4 Oily skin

This is a really common problem with a very simple solution. Oily skin is a result of eating too many fatty dishes. Refuse to eat fried fatty meals (at nights, especially) and cleanse your skin daily with an organic non-alcohol tonic. This simple solution will make your skin radiant, supple and soft.

Stay handsome with these simple pieces of advice and don’t be shy to treat your skin right!




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