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Posted on 08/28/2017 in Beauty

Simple Beauty Tips Which Every Man Should Know About

Simple Beauty Tips Which Every Man Should Know About

Improve your facial skin health with simple tips, which won’t take too much time. Check out these pieces of advice provided by the top specialists at organic barber shops NYC.

#1 Drink more water

Nothing can’t be more important for a body than hydration. We consist of water on 80%, so it’s essential to drink as much water as possible during the summer. Make a golden rule for yourself to drink at least 9-12 glasses of fresh and clean water.  Furthermore, you should drink more if you do sports regularly. Avoid drinking too much of packed juices, tea, coffee, and sodas. You can replace them with healthier fresh juices and smoothies.

#2 Use a daily cleanser 

That’s not enough to rinse a facial skin with a lukewarm water only - remember it! Buy some daily organic cleanser, which will clean face from a dirt and excess oils gathered through the day. Wash it every evening and during the day, if you’ll feel that face becomes too oily. This simple tip helps to close pores and as a result - it will reduce acne and pimples.

#3 Apply a moisturizing cream

Having a moisturizing daily cream in your bathroom is obligatory. Use it in the morning and the evening after face washing and before you’ll go to bed. This simple tip will make a face really soft, calm and prevent irritation. Use it more times, when the weather is too hot and dry, it will save you from dryness and flaking skin as well.

#4 Natural scrub

Refresh a bloodstream, remove oils, pimples, and acne with following natural homemade scrub. Combine a ½ cup of a cocoa oil with a ½ cup of ground coffee, add two tablespoons of an essential orange oil. Gently massage face with this mixture for about 4-5 minutes and wash it out with lukewarm water. Cocoa oil will deeply moisturize facial skin while orange oil will open pores and let the coffee remove all the dirt.

Don’t forget to follow all these tips on a regular basis and stay confident with a radiant facial skin!

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