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Posted on 06/27/2017 in Beauty

Six Beauty Tips For Men

Six Beauty Tips For Men

It’s not a secret that girls like tidy guys, but it doesn’t mean that you should go to the salon and make a manicure or something like this. Just stay handsome and neat with these simple pieces of advice from the top stylists at the best barber shop NYC.

#1 Take care of your hands

Girls totally enjoy with a tender touching of clean and soft hands, so prepare them before you go on the date! Don't forget to trim your nails regularly and moisturize as well. Use a daily cream every morning and evening to make your hands soft and supple. Very simple tip, but it will save your skin and prevent ‘too old’ looking.

#2 Bright teeth and fresh breath

Even if you have the prettiest face and beard in the world, it can be ruined with yellow teeth, so please, don’t forget that white and radiant smile is like your visit card. Brush your teeth and use a dental floss regularly.

#3 Keep your skin moisturized

Keep your skin hydrated with a simple moisturizer, nothing fancy, but so good for your skin. Girls really like to touch soft and supple skin! Don't forget to massage a little amount of a daily cream every day before your going to sleep; furthermore, this simple tip will also help to prevent tiny wrinkles.

#4 Get rid of unwanted hair

Yes, dude! It’s 2017, and you should totally get rid of nose and ear hairs. If you have armpit hair, that’s ok, but just make sure they’re trimmed well.

#5 Keep your hair well-trimmed

Assure yourself that you look handsome and cut your hair and beard regularly, nobody likes this ‘muss up’ style. Don’t forget to trim the hair on the back of your neck as well.

#6 The right shampoo

Don’t use the cheapest shampoo. There are so many organic shampoos for men, just verify that there is no alcohol in its content (it can be a cause of scalp over dryness).

Be handsome everyday with these really simple tips.

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